About us

The vibrant core of Oggi is the warm, friendly people who make up our Team. Dedicated and professional, our fun loving ladies make it a pleasure to go to work. Every single team member is an artist as well as a technician in her profession. Many of the staff are related, so it really is, a family at work and many, like our production manager, Shireen have been with Oggi almost from the start.

ABOUT US - Staff at 2013HampsteadCleanup 004I learnt the art of dress making at my mother’s knee and tacked my first garment at about 9 or 10 years of age. I made my own matric farewell dress from a piece of fabric I bought on sale – cost about R10. Despite some pretty varied career choices – photographer, child care, house designer and project manager on building sites, it did not surprise too many people when I ended up in the garment industry.

I love the creative process that weaves so many elements and people together, where each step is so important to the final products success. Success for a garment is to make you feel so comfortable in it that you forget about it. Not always easy to achieve, especially in sports garments.  This is why we place so much importance in the fit of the garment and why we get sports professionals to “road test” all our styles.

Comfort breeds confidence and confidence improves performance!

It is this attention to details that results in comments like – “I have tried out the paddling shorts and find them to be the best I have ever worn….extra comfort for the long hours that I train” – Robert Clegg, ex springbok canoeist, winner of the Berg River Marathon and USA National Marathon team member.

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When it comes to sunsuits then the kids who proudly walk out of our shop with their suits on – despite all mom’s efforts to get them back into their clothes – are our road testers.
Harfield Village, Cape Town is home to our office, factory and shop. We love the small community vibe in the middle of a big City and sponsor many of the garden projects that are an integral part of this village, including the planting of an avenue of trees, along the railway line, from Harfield to Kenilworth Station – 100+ trees with gardens beneath them.

ABOUT US - Railway 2011 Wedding 226The fantastic outdoor lifestyle that we are blessed with in SA, is what makes our business viable and in recognition of this gift from our planet, we are fiercely eco-friendly. We participate in beach clean-ups and encourage care of our oceans. We recycle everything, dig up tar and plant trees and flowers. Orange & thorn trees on the pavement at our shop along with an old canoe that we turned into a planter – are landmarks in the area.

HOMEPAGE - 2011 pavement 035It’s all about Karma and we happily support Boys and Girls Town, NSRI, St Luke’s Hospice, Oasis and Reach for a Dream. Donations of end of line costumes go to various children’s homes in both SA and Namibia. This has blessing to them and to us. To get back lovely picures of smiling kids who have been able to go the the beach for the first time in “proper “costumes is so very heartwarming, we can encourage staff members and suppliers and clients to out there, to get involved in a community project. Helping each other really does make the world a better place.

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Believing that – Local is Lekker – we use South African suppliers whenever possible and make all out Oggi garments on site in Cape Town. Supporting local economies is vital to economic stability.

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